Image by Hüseyin

We Deliver Fruits

Fresh Farm Fruits harvested at the peak of delightfulness and immediately delivered right to your doorstep. Delivery is available through Talabat in Dubai only.

Small Bag of Fruits

AED 25.00 only

Net Weight: 2+ Kg

330g Bananas, 600g Apples, 400g Mandarine, 360g kiwi, 200g Plum, 200g Pear.


2pcs Bananas, 6pcs Apples, 2pcs Mandarine, 4pcs Kiwi, 2pcs Plum, 3pcs Pear.

Medium Box of Fruits

AED 50.00 only

Net Weight 4+ Kg

600g Bananas, 1200g Apples, 500g Citrus, 400g Stone Fruit, 500g Kiwi, 300g Pear, 250g Dragon Fruit, 330g Grapes.


12pcs Apples, 10pcs Bananas, 4pcs Citrus, 5pcs Stone Fruits, 5pcs Kiwi, 330g Grapes, 4pcs Pear.